Permeable Pavements, Pros and Cons

Pavement is considered such a worthless thing by some people. According to them, why waste money on something which you only walk by. The concept of pavements is often rare for domestic purpose, but for people working in large firms and industries, pavements are something important. They provide you a smooth platform on which you can easily pass in your cars, they won’t damage the tires of your car and you won’t face any hurdles while moving on it.

People living in houses also like to renovate their pavement. Those who have big houses, do commercial paving in front of their houses. Some like to renovate their garage cabinets, garage storage and some renovate different other parts of the houses like dining rooms and bedrooms. It all depends upon their taste. One of the special ways of commercially renovating your pavement is permeable pavements. These are special pavements designed in a very unique way. It contains two bases. Lower base is made of special material which absorbs harmful chemicals. Upper base is smooth providing your tires, a firm grip. These are so expensive that normally domestic people don’t install them in their houses. They can be only afforded commercially.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages:


  • They can easily manage runoff. They are very effective when installed in the areas which suffer from heavy monsoon rainfall. Ordinary pavements won’t give you the facility to manage runoffs. Water will stay there and makes it difficult to move. It also destroys the original shape of the pavement and makes it hard to maintain its smooth surface.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to control pollutants. They help to keep the environment clean in a way that they don’t allow harmful ingredients to absorb into the ground. Instead, they hold them in their base and help to clean the environment from the harmful effects of toxins.
  • As permeable pavement has two bases, and between those two, it is hollow ground. They provide you the opportunity to grow trees and other plants in between them. The hollow space between those two bases allows the roots of trees spread widely and helps to control pollution. So in a way they hold you close to the nature as well.

As it has advantages, it has many disadvantages too.


  • As it provides you this much facility, on the other hand it costs you a lot too. Ordinary pavements are not good with drainage, but they don’t cost you your fortune.
  • As we know it is made up of two bases and they are hollow in between, it can’t handle the weight of trucks and buses. They are only designed to carry the weight of cars.
  • Sometimes the runoff volumes increase and it damages the pavement from the lower side making it hard to repair.
  • It is very hard to maintain this type of pavements. Although they are very expensive, but they are short lived as well.

Patents Protection And You!

Patent trolling, infringement and blatant copying seem to be the rule rather than the exception in today’s business world.

This means if you are an inventor or corporation that is coming out with new products within a matter of months; your product could be manufactured and over a dozen countries as well as the United States. Will the first problem you face is finding out that your product patent is being used by someone else; this in itself could take you almost 8 years to discover.

images (33)

The next hurdle you have to take us is identifying people who are doing the actual copying of your patent information. This is due to the fact that in some people will steal your patent information and sell it as a legitimate piece of technology to an unsuspecting Corporation.

Finally, you have to actually prove in court that infringement had occurred. This is why finding the right patent infringement expert to help you through the process of recovering your intellectual property, seeking restitution, and punishment for the ones responsible for the theft in the first place.

In many cases, you will discover that it’s your own people were stealing your information and selling it to the highest bidder. Corporate theft by employees is the number one way that companies lose out on their technical, product, and process information.

You read all the time about employees in many fields are caught returning to their home countries with thumb drives containing literally gigabytes of corporate secrets of which they then market in their homelands making millions of dollars off of your original ideas. The Snowdon affair highlighted this, as one individual was able to abscond with vast quantities of classified material of That even today is being released through public venues.

Meanwhile, government-sponsored hackers are attempting to penetrate your company’s Internet, data servers, and information repositories. The advent of the cloud has only worsened the situation.

Companies are now storing their information on easily accessible for them servers and security of this information that is available anywhere in the world and anytime day or night are like a beacon for those who want to make a quick killing by hacking into your system.

Not only are private individuals doing this but also there is state-sponsored hacking going on and America is losing billions of dollars in patent infringement every year due to this. This is why Gary Kitchen has made a name for himself as a premier patent infringement expert witness who can help you through the process of taking these perpetrators to court.

To find out exactly what he can do for you all you have to do is visit

A look into stainless steel welding

For years stainless steel is known to be resistant to both corrosion and rust due to its high level of chromium. The art of stainless steel welding  is the most important with some jobs designed for welders with stainless steel technical capabilities. When welding stainless steel there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration;

First, you need to ensure that the steel is thoroughly cleaned before it’s welded. This is usually done because of the high chromium content, and if a wire brush is used then it should turn out clean. You also need to use low heat when welding. This is because most of the stainless steel s are in very tiny sheets which if not subjected to low heat would make them wrap. You should always consider starting off with cool settings then add the heat slowly. Welding in short bursts of four to five seconds will also help to avoid wrapping of the stainless steel. If you are looking to weld stainless steel material using regular flux coated rods or MIG then you should keep in mind that any of the welded portions will definitely rust.

MIG Welding for stainless steel

The techniques used for welding nickel based alloys and stainless steel are the same. However, there are two most important techniques used. The transfer type and distortion techniques

The Transfer types – The transfer types in most cases are usually globular, or spray. Two of the main reasons for using this type of transfer are; the shielding gas used has high percentage of argon which then means a hot fluid-like arc with traits that blends well with spray type transfers. The second one is spatter. This is quite hard to clean since it is welded to the thermal.

Distortion – Distortion needs to have certain level of control using bracing or inter-pass cooling. Bracing is mostly used to restrain the joint. Stainless steels retain heat well meaning that the weld joint will begin moving once the weld cools.


How to weld stainless steel

There are three ways used in welding stainless steel which includes stick or arc welding, Mig welding and Tig welding.

Arc welding

The process involved in arc welding defers greatly from welding mid steel. In this type of welding small gauge are used with a small gauge electrode left on the completed bead. If you are working with mid steel then the slag needs chipping although the slag might ping off as it cools. You would want to wear eye protection while using stainless steel electrodes.

Mig welding

This process is commonly used when working on mil steel. In most cases you would want to exchange the Mig welding wire for a stainless steel which is available in 316 or 304. 316 wire designs are used in highly corrosive areas and for marine applications. In such application you need to consider using argon gas instead of c02.

Tig welding

This method is considered hard to learn especially when welding stainless steel. However, it’s much more similar to using oxy-acetylene gas process. Most of the Tig welders use a small hand held torch which carries tungsten electrodes which creates an arc.

Technology Moves Outdoors

While many of us think of the recent wave of technological innovations as something we use in homes or offices, that isn’t the only place technology is changing. For many years the type of work that is primarily done in the great outdoors such as geology reports, road construction and even oil well drilling always relied on low tech solutions. The digital revolution was still waiting to have an impact on not only how this work was done but how it was communicated to the home offices. That has begun to change.



One of the first major changes that the digital revolution has brought to anyone whose main work environment is out of doors is the development of the cell phone. While it may seem like old tech to many, the evolution from big clunky phones the size of a shoe box to the new smartphones is a game changer for many. Apps that give you accurate locations along with instant communication on all levels with every aspect of the job are just two examples of how cell phones have grown to accommodate this niche workforce.


Another area that has seen changes in the last decade or so is the development of log digitizing that is both easy to use and portable. These handy reports on everything from oil well samples to geological reports for real estate developers have made interpretation a snap. Once a log report was printed and scrutinized. Now the ability to digitize these reports makes them accessible from anywhere for anyone. As a result, interpretations of the reports can be shared and discussed regardless of the location.


Of course where would science be today without the digital revolution? But just as computers have given us the ability to crunch numbers and information at lightning speed, it has also given us new ways to look at that data. Now when a scientist on a remote location finds a new discovery they can share it with the rest of the scientific world in an instant. Shared platforms have given us new ways to fight disease and understand the universe. Now with the arrival of digital microscopes and satellite access to the internet, even the most remote scientist can collaborate with peers from around the world in real time.


All of these innovative technologies are really only the beginning of where digital can take us. As we begin to see new uses for this approach for collecting and storing data, we also begin to realize there are no limits to what we can do. Where in previous times the location of a well geologist or paleobiologist restricted when and where they could log and interpret their data, today’s technology has made everything accessible.

With yet more innovative and disruptive technologies on the horizon, who knows what tomorrow may bring? As we watch the changes in technology move at a faster and faster rate, it becomes almost impossible to predict the direction or speed that these changes will affect all aspects of our lives.

Offshore Living Quarters – A Home Away From Home?


Professionals in the Oil and Gas industry are all too familiar with it, and the general public too has a basic idea: Those who work in the oil and gas industry tend to leave behind the comforts of their homes and stay close to their site of work in order to be able manage their responsibilities efficiently (or as a part of their contract with the company). Either ways, staying away from home for longer periods is nothing but a recipe for home sickness.

Rest Is Important

It takes a toll on the health of an individual, disturbs the psychology and disrupts the peaceful mindset and hence, affects the physiological capacity of a person to give it their best shot. Regardless of the person’s position within the team, their professionalism is affected if they are not well-rested and have to worry constantly about where to stay and how to feed themselves while simultaneously working hard on their job.

Provision Of Living Space Ahead Of Time

This is where offshore living quarters come in as they provide an excellent refuge to the otherwise more dreaded option, that is, staying with unknown roommates in shabby conditions for a terrible price. One of the more revered and trustworthy offshore living quarters manufacturers are Gulf Land Structures. Anyone who is within the petroleum industry recognizes this organization, and for good reasons. For starters, their team works ahead of time and puts together the quarters before their clients usually require them. This awards them bonus points for foreshadowing because it is hard to find a living space if you are new to the country and have no acquaintances to let you stay in for a night.

Widely Customizable Living Quarters

However, one of the concerning aspects of such temporary compounds at working sites, is their safety: most of the make-shift quarters reportedly collapse on themselves, injuring workers more often than not. But Gulf Land’s quarters are constructed of high quality fibreglass, or if the client prefers, steel, or a composite of both.

The amount of customization that is offered by these designers is incredible. Not only can the client choose his own raw materials for the living space, but he is also fully involved in the design of the house, designating space within the quarters to whatever room he prefers.  The range of accommodation platforms offered is thus incredibly wide: from stack-able living quarters to pressurized blast rated buildings, to office and recreation rooms and restrooms and shower units; to galleys and diners and laundry rooms; The manufacturers are fully committed to allow for whatever the client has in mind, even if is just a storage facility or a mud lab.

Follow Up With Maintenance And Repair Services

And this is not all. The cherry on the cake is that these service providers do not retract their services once the quarters are built and delivered. Their services are still available whenever required, as long as you are staying within their created quarters. Workers are available on demand to refurbish the compound, exact safety measures around wires and electric appliances.

Added Benefits

They also provide repairing and maintenance services for your regular utilities such as air conditioning, laundry or refrigeration. You can even order for a cleanup of something as trivial as moulds or fungal growth, and their workers respond promptly. This is the exact reason why their services can truly be established as a trustworthy companion for all those people working on the rigs, away from home.

What to look for in a commercial AC repair service provider?


Imagine you are faced with this situation: You are managing office appliances and every AC in your workplace suddenly seems to be faulty. What do you do?

Obviously, in such cases, you need a professional repairman to deal with this situation, thus making calling in a commercial AC repair service provider inevitable. Now, let us say you have a list of ten people who claim to be commercial service providers; but how do you distinguish between those who are pretending to be commercial workers for the sake of earning more money versus those who are actually commercial repair men?

Look At The Referees

First and foremost, have a close look the referees who referred these repairmen to you, and where did you obtain these contacts in the first place. If a friend of yours has referred you to a domestic air conditioner repairer, cross that off the list. Consider only those that are associated with companies that provide AC repair to commercial sector and are verifiable by a visit or a phone call.

What Distinguishes Commercial From Domestic Repairmen?

Commercial services will be able to provide a lot of repairmen at a given time so that the work is done effectively and within a short span without causing much loss to the productivity. A domestic repairman will usually present himself as the only candidate.

Commercial repairmen are also specialized when it comes to sharing the repair works; thus making ‘division of labor’ a fruitful application, saving as much time as possible. A domestic repairman will assure you that he can take care of all the tasks by himself, this may or may not be time efficient.

Commercial repairmen are also expected to check insulation and air ducts for leaks. The estimate of the total cost of the work is to be done only after they are done evaluating the entire system of air conditioning. In an office where most ACs are installed in a similar manner, this will prove to be most useful in figuring out if there’s something wrong with the individual equipment or the entire air conditioning system. This may not be the case with domestic repairers as they are normally used to repairing single units in a household.

Commercial repairmen also exhibit a lot of professionalism and stick to their deadlines. They professionally try to clarify any questions that you may have about their work by referring them to the relevant departments in their company. They are trained to look professional and keep up with a persona of keeping to their own tasks.

Precautionary Measures

Whether commercial or domestic, repairmen must be supervised when working. Never expect any repairman to provide with an estimate for the job until you see him/her inspecting the unit personally and in detail – If they haven’t done it, it is a sign that they are trying to take an advantage of you. If not convinced, enquire with other repair services about what they would charge to deal with a similar air conditioning problem. This will ensure that you are not being defrauded into paying the service providers more than what they lawfully deserve.


Following the above mentioned information will definitely help you find the right commercial ac repairer capable of getting the work done efficiently and within the budget.

How to Find a Good Volkswagen Service Center

When you have just recently purchased a car, it is imperative that you find a service center as soon as possible. After all, you need to prepare for any unexpected repairs that you might need. If your car is a Volkswagen, then you better make sure you find an excellent repair center offering Volkswagen service Brisbane.

It is only natural that you look for a good repair center nearby once you get a car. You need to mark the service centers that you can go to ahead of time so that you do not have to make rash decisions when you need the said Volkswagen service Brisbane. It should be easier for people to make proper decisions when they are not in a rush.

There are people around you who are capable of giving you recommendations about the repair centers in the area. They may be your family members, friends, colleagues, or even your employer. Local consumer organizations can also provide you with good recommendations on where to go when you need repairs. They can provide you with a list of the repair centers that are worth visiting for car repairs.

Do not forget to read some reviews about the repair centers that you have found. Specifically look for those repair centers that specialise in Volkswagen service Brisbane and figure out the reviews given by those who own Volkswagen cars. Doing that will give you an insight on which places have experience handling cars like your own. You can trust in the mechanics of that repair center better.

It is important that you visit the facility of the said repair shop beforehand. You will need to choose a facility that is well-organized. The service bays should have the modern equipment necessary for repair centers. Moreover, the parking lot where cars are being serviced should have cars of the same value as your own. It does not matter if the facility is not 100 percent clean as long as it has the air of professionalism necessary for a car repair shop.

Basing your decision solely on how close the said repair center to your home or office is a big no. This can be one of the factors that you consider but it is not the only one to consider. If the said repair center is close to your home but it does not offer the quality repair services you need for your Volkswagen, then do not tolerate that. Look for another repair center to visit.

Look into some documentations pertaining to the competence of the mechanics working in the repair center. As much as possible, these mechanics should have a certification of their competence. The certification can make you feel at ease that you really are entrusting your luxury car to the right professional.

Check the staff. If the said repair center is a professionally run enterprise, then the staff should be accommodating enough. Helpful and courteous staff is a plus point when you are looking for a repair center. Be it the manager, the service writer, or the mechanic, they should be more than willing to provide answers for you when you have questions.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Ecommerce CRM Solutions

Choosing the right software solution for your online business is going to take some research and learning on your part before to enable you to arrive at a well informed decision. With a wide variety of options out there, knowing what to look for when choosing between various ecommerce CRM solutions can be tough. We’ll help you make short work of it with these candid and expert tips.

Available Integrations

The first thing that you are going to want to look at are the available integrations that are being offered for by various ecommerce CRM solutions providers. For example, you will need to ensure that this solution will be compatible with your shopping cart, your shipping software and even your order management software. Doing this can help you avoid any potential early setbacks with your preferred solution.

The Onboarding Process

Plan ahead for the onboarding process. This cannot be emphasized enough. Think of everything that you possibly can in advance. Test integrations like your ecommerce platform by creating test stores. Think of this like your secret to onboarding success. If you make sure that all of your software integrations, marketplace, social, and other software (like accounting software and order management software) are functional in advance of onboarding, you will be able ease your way into using this new solution.

Task Lists

One of the more popular features for ecommerce CRM solution is the ever useful task list. Think lists like Wunderlist but bigger and better. For example, let’s say you have a group of employees who need to coordinate certain tasks daily – this software can help you better organize them and assure that each task and team goal is being met. What’s more, with tagging options for each specific employee profile, you can more easily manage your team and use analytics to factor productivity and efficiency.

Group Chat

The always useful group chat feature is truly second to none. The ability to speak with your group in a live chat setting with one on one chat options goes a long way. No longer will you have to rely on memory hogging applications like Skype. Instead, you can stay connected to your entire group directly from your main CRM interface. Imagine how effective this becomes when you are also able to rely upon integrated task lists simultaneously.

Social Features

Last but certainly not least are integrated social CRM features and functions. For example, you could scan what related hashtags to your industry are currently trending, and then have a good idea of what you should post and how you should approach it to maximize social engagement. You can know what holidays are coming up or what industry specific days, so you can make posts regarding those that are more effective and better received. What’s more, you could also utilize one button posting to update all of your social feeds in seconds.

Solar Panels- An Integral Part of Eco-Friendly Homes

Solar panels are a very important part of modern eco friendly homes. It is a great way to use traditional sources of energy by powering the electrical appliances at home with the help of the sun’s energy. If you are looking forward to getting residential solar systems Ontario installed at your home then you should be prudent enough to consider whether or not it will be worth all the efforts or not.
What should you consider before getting solar panels installed at your home?

It is true that the solar systems are of no use after the sunset. However, people living in places which receive sufficient sunshine, generally end up saving a lot of conventional sources of energy. However, if you are living in a region which stays mostly under the influence of cloud or rain then you should actually consider whether or not you should get the residential solar systems Ontario or not. There are many other ways you can save energy in your home if you live in cloudy areas. These include energy saving doors and windows as well as high tech insulation. All Around Roofing and Exteriors Inc informs us that a majority of heat and energy escapes through inadequate insulation every year.

Plus, when you are actually going out to secure the solar panels for your home, you should make sure that you’re only getting reputable solar companies on board. There is no dearth of residential solar installation companies around. Guaranteeing complete satisfaction for you in terms of the choice of the company—will not really be easy. It is very important to ensure that you are actually considering these factors when you are selecting the residential solar installation company:
  • For how many years is the company offering solar panels?
  • Do they offer installation services besides offering the products themselves?
  • What kind of reputation do they have when it comes to the quality of panels offered by them?
  • What are the charges offered by them?
Summing up
Do not forget to ask these questions and secure their answers without fail. Do settle for the products and services of the company only after you are totally sure about their reputation. Taking these steps will help you select from the best of the companies around. Do your neighbors have solar panels installed at their homes? If yes, ask them about the companies they have trusted and whether they would recommend those companies or not.
You have already taken a praiseworthy step by deciding to get solar panels installed at your homes. You should not undo your good deed unwittingly by posing your trust in a company which does not enjoy the good reputation of offering quality products.